Win The Last Manhunt on DVD

Jason Momoa co-writes, produces and co-stars in this dramatic western adventure based on the epic, tragic true story of outlaw Willie Boy and the last great manhunt of the old west.

In 1909, Willie Boy and his forbidden love Carlota go on the run after he accidentally shoots her father in a confrontation gone terribly wrong. Driven by the news of an upcoming Presidential visit to the area, pressure mounts for the local Sheriff to deliver justice, so he leads a bloodthirsty posse into the unforgiving desert to hunt the fugitive down.

Directed by Christian Camargo, who also stars with Amy Seimetz, Australian Mojean Aria and Martin Sensmeier as Willie Boy, The Last Manhunt is a gripping western that is an essential for fans of the genre (and Momoa!).

For a chance to win The Last Manhunt on DVD, simply email [email protected] with your fave Momoa moment and why you love it. Most creative entries win.

The Last Manhunt is out now on DVD and Digital

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