Movie Box OfficeThe saga of Geostorm was a tough one. The Gerard Butler-helmed ecological disaster thriller was initially purported to be launched almost two years ago, however the film’s apparent shoddy quality got that date pushed back repeatedly. An extra $15 million in reshoots ballooned the film’s price range to an unrealistically large $a hundred and twenty million; excess of most non-franchise movies nowadays. In short, Geostorm was just about set to be a financial catastrophe from the beginning, and now the prophecy has come to go.

Our creativeness takes us into the direction that after/if the Aliens movies being made at this time are at a gentle pace choosing up new fans every time a new launch for the franchise is made, that in related occasions the studio will make equally as attractive Predator franchise movies. Batman went from being the James Bond with the performances from Christian Bale and Heath … Read more

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