The Best Movie in Netflix Recommendations of All Time with High Ratings

Netflix is now the most popular movie watching service. Want to know what are the best Netflix movies that you must watch? Watching movies on Netflix is the right choice when you can’t go to the cinema. Even though you don’t get the atmosphere of watching like watching in a cinema, Netflix is no less exciting.

Through Netflix, you can search for many movie titles and watch them while relaxing at home. However, with too many films, of course you need recommendations on what films are worth watching.
So, here are some of the best Netflix movie titles that you must watch!

1 Jung_E

Jung_E is a Korean film that tells about a dystopian life, where climate change makes Earth a place that is no longer habitable. As a result, humans also live in artificial shelters
in outer space. However, war broke out inside the shelter.

2 You People

This film tells the story of Ezra Cohen, a lonely old man who is in love with Amira Mohhammed.

3 Your Place or Mine

Your place or Mine is a romantic comedy film that tells the story of the friendship between Debbie and Peter. The two have been in a friendly relationship for 20 years.
One day, Debbie and Peter plan to switch places for one week. They both have to carry out their respective roles.

4 20th Century Girls

Set in 1999, 20th Century Girl tells the story of the first love and friendship of a 17 year old high school girl.

5 The School of Good and Evil

Similar to Harry Potter, The School of Good and Evil tells the story of an interesting wizarding school life.
As the title implies, the students of this magic school are trained to continue the story of a fairy tale book that is divided into good and evil camps.

6 All Quiet on the Western Front

For you lovers of war genre films, you must watch this film entitled All Quiet on the Western Front.
This film set in World War I in 1914 is one of the best Netflix films of 2022.

7 Incantation

Inspired by a true incident in Taiwan in 2005, Inctantion is about a mother named Li Ronan who tries to protect her daughter from a curse.
The curse apparently came from Ronan himself who was cursed 6 years ago due to violating a taboo against a belief.

8 Athens

Athena is one of the best Netflix films in 2022 which has a high rating and was also trending.
This film tells an interesting story about a boy who lives with his three siblings in a settlement in the city of Athens.

9 Kate

Kate tells the story of an assassin named Kate who is assigned to kill Yakuza members in Japan.
But before ending his mission to kill the Yakuza leader, it turns out that he was poisoned using a highly radioactive substance called polonium-204.
As a result of the poison, he only has one day to complete his mission and reveal who actually poisoned him.

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