8 Short Film Making Tips

https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRy4Hj13edYn20qXbYBKSNcXLwa5mjMmTejyXadbScxYeFO1l_ZAmong you there may be a confused and find out how to make short film tips. You know what is a short film? The film, usually less than 50 minutes long, was popular in the fifties where the Oberhausen Manifesto in Germany and the Jean Mitry group in France became the originators of this short film. Well, for you who are studying in the world of cinema, this time IDS will give tips on making short films that you can directly practice.

 1. Prepare the Budget

Do not ever think that short films do not require a budget. All types of movies will still require a different amount of costs. Therefore, prepare the funds that are necessary for production later. By making a cost estimate, then you will know the plan to be executed. Because without the budget could be a movie will not be formed.

2. Ask for Approval

Suppose you have an excess budget for a short film that you will make and you plan to ask for the role of an actor, music director, artwork, or sponsor. Then ask for their approval, even if necessary, you can create a work contract to minimize any possible misunderstandings.

3. Make it Short

His name is also a short film, so surely the duration should be short as the name implies. So make a movie that is not long-winded so that the audience will not feel bored. It may seem difficult to make a movie with a short duration, but that’s exactly the requirements of short films. Even though the maximum is 50 minutes, you can make a shorter one, which is no more than 30 minutes.

4. Do Casting

If you do not have more budget to pay an actor / actress, do not let other people who can not play a role entirely into your short film. Perform casting to filter people who match the player’s character in your movie. Casting can be done long before film production begins.

5. Good Sound

Not a few short films that have bad sound, but the story is quite interesting idea. Well, for you to avoid it, you should use a support device like a boom mic.

6. Avoid Zoom When Production

Good cameras are those that are able to reduce zooming, let alone who are not so adept at using it. To get an image closer to the object, it’s best to use a dolly, a camera glider, or do a cut and shoot!

7. Avoid Excess Effects

Most short films rely on effects, such as starting movies with the alarm clock, excessive transitions such as dissolves / wipe, and long credit titles. Better do the excessive effect in your short film.

8. Perform Daytime Shooting

Usually short films are produced with minimal cost and equipment that is perfunctory. One problem may be that it does not have any lighting equipment. Therefore it is better to shoot in the day than the night, because the dark conditions make production requires a lot of light. Although it can do color correction during editing, but it can definitely cause noise and image quality to drop.

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