Movie Ticket Booking: Pre-book your choicest seat

Movie Ticket Booking: Pre-book your choicest seat
Typically, today movie ticket bookingcan be done either online or offline.
Online movie ticket booking can be done using:-
• The official App or website of the movie hall company or theater owner
• The App or website of a third-party retailer like Paytm, MobiKwik and PhonePe.
Offline booking of a movie ticket needs to be done the conventional way – at the ticket counter; people can buy the tickets for a particular show of the day.

Advantages of the online method vis-à-vis the offline one:

a. Booking tickets online means you can book a seat as per your own choice. Standing at the ticket counter means buying a ticket that already has the seat number/s printed on it. Of course, you can request for a particular row or seat, which depending on the availability the ticket person may or may not issue to you. Using the website or App enables the user to view the availability of seats and then block the ones that are to his liking from the available ones.

b. Tickets booked via the online method can be booked for any movie, date-wise, show-wise that features on the site or App. This means that even if the movie is yet to be released and it is already listed on a particular date, you can choose your preferred show timings and book much in advance. This is something that is possible at the booking counter too but not all movie halls entertain or operate separate counters for advance booking by walk-in customers. They would rather sell the unsold tickets for the shows of the day.

c. The process of movie tickets tickets booking is over in matter of few minutes. Offline booking may take minutes or hours, depending on the rush at the counter. If you are the types that believe in planning your schedule beforehand, the online format is just the right one for you. Even if your nature is to plan everything at the last minute, this one is for you too as you are saved from the last-minute rush and can rather spend the preceding time with friends and family, and even yourself over a cup of coffee, cozy dinner or lunch. The point is simple – online methods have taken away the unnecessary trouble and hassle of scuttling around. With the booking confirmation and the e-ticket safely in the pocket, things are more organized and peaceful now for a cine lover now.

d. Booking at the counter means that you need to keep cash ready – in the past when movie tickets were much cheaper it meant keeping changes handy. Not anymore. Cash is never required for conducting an online movie ticket booking.Not even cheques or demand drafts! One of the pre-requisite of online ticket booking is electronic payment. Digital payment methods include credit cards, debit cards and netbanking. The latest to join this list is the electronic wallet that many third party retailers have launched and encourage their customers to use.

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