DC Comics Upcoming Movies & Marvel Comic Movies Coming Soon

Movie Cooming SoonBelieve it, DC Comics upcoming films and the Marvel Comic films coming soon in 2012 are highly anticipated releases. It’s gonna be better than last yr.

Swamp Thing was a T.V. collection I imagine for awhile. It can be a pretty attention-grabbing movie. DC proper now is concentrating on Justice League film and trying to get their other A-checklist characters on display screen, which they are having problems. I agree with some that the primary movie was a little bit blotchy, with Aangs identify pronounced incorrectly. Even with that and the truth that it went by way of the story line too quick I thought it was an amazing film and I loved it! And to all these other folks don’t watch the second film if it comes out!!!!!! I liked the primary film and I was A FAN OF THE SERIES! Grow up people…its everyone’s opinion here…Please be a second film. sense I watched your complete Avatar cartoon sequence I absolutely HATED this movie ! They pronounced Aangs and Sokka’s title improper, the fireplace benders needed to hav a source (not within the cartoon) Aang is supposed to hav a SOLID arrow ! Momo wasn’t even in it ! they modified the scenes, I swear if he makes an Earth Book movie he BETTER NOT MESS UP TOPH ! I gave this film a big fat F !

Pls, dnt cease making these, it’s a must to finish, I liked all the things about the movie you probably did. I also feel that you bringing the flicks out brings the household collectively, not only will kids get pleasure from it but any adult the loves karate movies will as nicely. It’s going to be a box office rivalry between this highly anticipated movie and The Dark Knight Rises. So when is The Avengers film popping out? It’s coming out on May 4rth of this yr and is the first cross-over comedian guide associated flick and will no doubt make history. I’m trying ahead to each Iron Man 3 and the Man of Steel. I’m actually hoping Man of Steel is sweet. I do not want to see the same ol’ same ol’ we have already seen with the Original Superman movies.

Well, as a fan of the TV series there are lots of issues which have to vary in order for the movie to be successful. First, the NAMES need to be the identical because the show. Seriously people! Second, the bending has to match movements with the component. Third, higher appearing! Give the characters substance, Please! The show is amazing, the film was horrible! That’s why it flopped. However, if these points are addressed, the next film will go over so much higher. You’ll get followers of the show and new individuals excited. Think about it!! Heya Canada’s, I assume that is called Legends of the Superheroes…I do not know what occurred to that present. I even wonder in the event that they bothered transferring it to DVD. Wow, haven’t even considered that present for a long time. Thanks for stopping by and joining the convo. There are those of us that watched the cartoon, but still beloved the movie! Please get over the fact that the movie was not a carbon copy of the cartoon so we will see the sequels. It was Shamylans’ interpretation of the cartoon not yours.

Interesting look at the DC/Marvel Movies….taking a look at most of the films you point out…we now know how these motion pictures will likely be accepted by the public….as The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises are the #1 and #2 movies of the year…..and #three and #7 of all-time. With new actor Andrew Garfield filling in Spidey’s boots, there’s a lot of mixed feelings about this reboot throughout the comedian book fandom. I assume this reboot will deliver, and The Lizard finally will get his highlight and due as a Spidey movie villain, played by Rhys Ifans, the dude from The Replacements and Nottinghill. I have not seen this one, so I’m unsure how prominently the incapacity is featured. It was recommended within the comments, so I’m adding it in!

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