‘Avatar 2’ Movie ‘Not Happening’ In 2018, James Cameron Says

Movie Cooming SoonAll that’s left of Alyas Batman et Robin is ad from an outdated newspaper. Even the poster remains elusive. Perhaps some day a duplicate of the film will resurface within the palms of a collector.

This movie was awesome!!! Loved it may well’t look ahead to the following one. And look people how many motion pictures are on the market that aren’t quite like the book or the cartoon… these previous couple of Batman Movies had been nothing just like the cartoon i actually didn’t take care of that however the movie was good and it still made a terrific story to watch, and the same i can say for this film. I solely watched the cartoon about this film once and i like the movie better. If there have been some issues off about the movie perhaps take it into consideration and make the changes, but please make half 2… you should not depart us that want to see it hanging!!!

I’m a fan with standards, I’m not crazy…. I’ll go see their films…. but after Avengers and Capt. America, I simply wont accomplish that whereas wasting my very own cash. So, as a result of there may be so much time spent on pre and post production on motion pictures, it might nonetheless take a few years for the film to get produced, shot, and launched. Assuming something might occur this 12 months, it might probably be 2015 on the earliest that this film would see the sunshine of day. They really want to get moving on this!! Despite the nervousness of followers, Christopher Nolan hasn’t dissatisfied us yet. I think this film will ship, and get ready for the cosplay followers dressing up during opening weekend.

I do assume that Marvel wants to go in the other path of DC’s and Nolan’s darker, grittier motif in the case of films. I don’t suppose they can pull it off to be trustworthy with you. My son and I beloved the film. We would love to see the second one, so please hurry and make it. It is well over due. DC is absolutely gradual to get issues transferring for his or her other A-list comic characters. I suppose it’s as a result of they concentrate approach too much on Batman and Superman, when there are others of their roster that could be mined. I am a newly fan of the film i appreciated it and so did my boys.!!! You should most defenatly make a second film and third movie. !! It was really good.!!! I agree with u. Zuko and katara seems nice 2gether n don’t fret sequeal’s coming soon. I’ve seen the trailor. But it wasn’t official. I hope on this movie zuko n katara can be together.

I additionally grew up on Frank Miller’s Batman, in addition to most of the 80s Batman comics, which is why I was kinda delay by the best way The Joker was written in Burton’s Batman film. Later I realized it was because he was adapting the character more from the early 60s Batman. The funniest factor is that you simply all who bash the movie, do not give any particular examples of simply how MNS botched it up exactly for us non-followers of the show that do not know. All I maintain hearing is he tousled the true storyline of the cartoon,..effectively IMO, he has to condense and edit a lot to make a film. While I agree that the appearing was very sub-par, the SFX have been first rate, and the story-line was made for us non-fans of the show. I do not think there might be a 2nd movie although. I don’t know what y’all are speaking bout. The film was nice and I know that to be true as a result of my father hates movies and has cancer and I go over there n watch it twice every week. So make the remainder so I can watch them with him befer he goes.

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