Enjoy the New Flying Experience with Better and Cheaper Drone


Toys are the one that are loved by all ages of people whereas the category of toys they choose differs for age groups i.e. small toys will be preferred by age group from 0 to 4, and intelligent toys will be used by youngsters. Such interesting toy loved by youngsters is quad copter, otherwise known as drone. The reason for loving drone is the way they fly, whereas the scenery that is been viewed in camera will be different and beautiful than you view them in real. Playing is good exercise to both mental and physical health, and this is why the playing is most preferred for most of the people both by doctors and teachers.

Drones are the toys that look something different from all other toys and those who love flying will definitely have this in hand. The purpose of a drone with camera include taking pictures of nature that cannot be reached by man for example a hollow widespread lake, and shooting video of a activity being done by your favorite animal, etc. It can also be used in any party halls to capture the movements of the attendees in the function. It has now become a trend too use them in the events as they grab the attention of the visitors.

New enthusiastic flying experience

There are so many brands in drones, and the top brand is Parrot, and the new model they released is parrot-ar-drone-2-0. AR is really meant for augmented reality which is specialized in object-recognition and gesture identification. The parrot drone version 2 offers many advantages including cheaper price in the range of commercial quad copters, you will find much easier to control the drone than any other, and the stability it offers is very decent which will give you much better performance, whereas the only notable disadvantage with this drone is battery life i.e. you cannot use the drone for more than the specified minutes (7 – 12 minutes). This one comes with two cameras and the video resolution will be 720p HD, and the number of frames you can stream is 30 per second.

The battery power of the drone is 1000 mAh lithium-ion battery provided with a charger, and to enjoy the drone experience for extended period of time, you can have spare battery so that you can switch the battery once it is drained while the price of battery is just 40 dollars, and in this way you can save the charging time and enjoy the flying time without much interruption. You also have power edition of this drone that comes with 1500 mAh power batteries for longer flying time.

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