The Last Airbender 2 Earth—Movie Details

Movie Cooming SoonAfter the success of I am Number Four on the large display, its producers are gearing up for the movie adaptation of its sequel: The Power of Six. Rumors about its imminent production are slowly spreading. There are barely any particulars however it’s positive that you’ll have them quickly. Just do not forget to test for updates and information in order that when the heroes are prepared for his or her journey, you do not get left behind.

i have seen each episode of avatar from the primary show to the last and that i got to say the movie was the worst factor i have ever saw in my life they changed the main character name they made him to young he was not funnySOKKA was not humorous either and he was the funnest individual on the present the bending was horrible the fireplace nation wanted a supply of fireplace to bend the earth bending was weak it took 15!!!!!!!!!!!!individuals to elevate one peace of rock and for probably the most half i couldn’t inform if they were sand bending or earth bending AND FOR PEPOLE WHO SAID IT WAS GOOD YOU OBVIOUSLY NEVER SAW THE SHOW OR JUST STUPID IF THEY MAKE A SECOND ONE I PRAY THAT ITS NOT AS BAD AS THE FIRST ONE additionally the music was fairly unhealthy AND PRINCE ZUKO SISTER HAIR IS UP NOT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My dad and mom, brother and I even have watched each the anime and the film. IN full honesty we loved each of them abundantly and equally. I dislike how everybody blows it out of porportion in the method the movie was made. Yes I agree the names had been totally different, however is it actually an enormous deal I mean you continue to get the idea. The actors did their job. The bending effects have been as they should be. Yes again I agree with those that say the script skipped a lot from the present. However motion pictures and books are by no means the same. Why ought to all the episodes to a movie be any totally different. The truth is its not potential there’s just to much. He did a swell job, he saved the mandatory and stored to the primary point. If you really just want to see the airbender the way it was first scripted, then see the anime the best way e-book readers will simply learn their books. If not then act mature not like a two 12 months previous and benefit from the movie.

I enjoyed The Last Airbender. It wasn’t perfect and some of the appearing was a bit pressured but for my part there really must be a sequel. I’ve never seen the TV sequence, but I thought the script was good and since there was a restricted amount of time, Shyalaman could not fit the whole story into it so I think he simply did his best and whereas the results weren’t perfect (I don’t believe in complete perfection), they were more than adequate to make me need to see the remainder of the story. The actors can grow into their roles and enhance in a sequel and Shyamalan does seem fairly enthusiastic in regards to the project. Plus that cliffhanger at the finish would be wasted with no sequel and Azula is a extra lethal enemy than her brother, primarily on account of the truth that she’s simply extra evil than he’s. I loved the movie and need Shyamalan to finish what he started.

Just watched Avatar the last airbender again. so irritated there nonetheless is not a 2nd or a third for that matter with as a lot time has passed. Love this film… Love the cartoon too. I actually actually really need extra. If u didn’t like the primary then I’d hate to see what u do like (no style) & there’s no person twisting ur arms too watch the 2nd give up blowing it for everybody else who loves it Nobody likes a winetit…so suck it up cry infants. PS..there is not any must be so Damned rude either. Who cares if some people don’t desire a second movie! If u do not wanna watch the following movie then do not! Let the individuals who DO want to watch the remainder have a chance!

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