Movie ReviewsA volcano seems in Los Angeles. Okay, lets droop disbelief right here and embrace the concept of ‘What If?’. Now was that so troublesome? Well it isn’t troublesome for me the fan of the catastrophe film. LA takes a beating in this movie. Damage in the billions of dollars however not a lot on the body rely with only about one hundred useless. Yes, I’m a ghoul. Lets hear it for mayhem.

Continuing on the success of Ron Burgundy in the first film, Anchorman 2 is right up there with its predecessor for humour and wit. Ron Burgundy is now joyful and has a spouse and son, until she dumps him for another man resulting from her being made head of the Network and Burgundy being fired. Burgundy feels that his spouse has betrayed him and leaves. He is quickly hired by the Global News Network and gets his previous … Read more

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